Wood Offcuts Lamp

The purpose of the project was to design a desk lamp by using wood off cuts that can easily be found in wood workshops. Wood off cuts are something common you can find in wood workshops and most of the times people overlook the possibility how these can be recovered and be reused again in creating something new. As the process is intuitive and without much plan, the result is a desk lamp that is uneven but intriguing in its own way, and which exposes the recovered materials that is made of.

The purpose was to produce a functional object using a simple manufacturing / handmade process. Build parts with a great economy of labor. The upper part of the lamp utilizes a wooden surface that opens and closes accordingly to the users needs, allowing as much light needed.

Year produced: 2011.

Material: Wood off cuts.
Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 35 cm (width x depth x height).

Photo credits: Jose Gomez.

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