Even though a Contemporary Art Museum does not exist in Nicosia this project was to challenge the debate whether such a museum should exist. Graphic designers designed all the products that were sold, whereas I was in charge to design the interior space. The space is kept in simple by introducing plinths of polystyrene. The sizes of the plinths were the same in height and depth but varied in length. By this way several combinations of layouts would be feasible. The plinths and the space are kept in white that would enable the products to stand out.

The motivation for using plinths was due to the reason that the shop that was designed within a gallery would have been open to the public for a week. As the products were being sold, the plinths that displayed the products were being removed, so by the end of the week the space would have become empty again.

Year: 2004.

Photo Credits: Constantinos Economides.

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