Lap Stool

The "lace" wall lamp alongside with the "lap" stool, were part of the TIVD (This is Very Dangerous) design platform's proposal for Milan 2013, that was set up in the Ventura Lambrate Design District.

TIVD is an international design collective. The exhibition theme for the Salone di Mobile 2013 was " My Grandmother ".

Each member of the TIVD, had to go back to their roots, to design an object based on their memories about their grandmother, an object they relate to her or something out of a story they remembered she once told them. Something that they had strong feelings to when designing and get emotional towards that object.

Constantinos's proposal was to design a stool and a lamp, two objects that were used by his grandmother very often when she used her sewing machine. A particular focus of the proposals were the weaving patterns and embroideries that his grandmother used to work on.

Pattern and weaving: Katerina Stavrinou.
Handmade by: Kypros Sofroniou.

Year produced: 2013.
Materials: Solid oak and walnut wood.

Dimensions: 44 x 40 x 40 cm (height x length x depth).
Photo Credits: Pashalis Panteli.

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