DOTing Mirror

Doting - To show excessive fondness or love.

The DOT becomes obviously apparent.
These perfectly formed round circles emphasising a simplistic DOT in a variety of objects;
The calming effect of familiarity to a form is embraced with the painstakingly procedure pursued both in material and in craftsmanship evolving these same items with the simplistic DOT into a dynamic DOTing experience, by the designer, where excessive fondness or love is shown in making them.

The mirror was nominated with a German Design Award 2018 in the Excellent Product Design category.

Year produced: 2015
Materials: Solid oak (also available in solid walnut), powder coated aluminium.

Dimensions: ø 30 x 2 cm (thickness).
Photo Credits: Silvio Rusmigo.

Made by Andrelia.
Curated: Yianna Tsolaki for Cherry Concepts & Spaces at PAPHENHUDER 57 Gallery, 2015.

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