What We Eat Plates

Grocery stores are such an illusion. The waste in packaging, transporting products, the ingredients (and the real ingredient behind what is mysteriously listed on the label), shelf space and electricity, dated items going to the garbage (that's mostly produce since the other stuff has a life span to practically last into our child's adulthood), how the animals we consume are treated (you are what you eat!), hormones shot into our animals and getting into our dairy and meats, genetic modifications to the dna of the foods, the colors and additives and smells added that now seem normal to us, it's all a strange place with food-like substances. WHAT WE EAT PLATES come along to raise the question whether what we actually eat on out plates is really what we see...

Designed with: Brian Ward (WEdid-ID).

Year produced: 2008.

Materials: digital printing on white ceramics.

Dimensions: ø 27 cm.

Photo credits: Harris Kyprianou.

© Constantinos Economides, Brian Ward 2004 - 2021.

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