Bar Installation

THOC (Cyprus Theater Organization), commissioned Draw Collective to design a bar to be installed at the foyer of the new THOC building, designed by Kythreotis Architects.

Draw Collective's proposal was a bar, seven meters long, which creates a visual interplay with the viewer. The idea for the project, was to use a single piece of wood where its narrower sides where to be painted a light bluish color. This technique was to be repeated on the front facade of the bar, where there is an approximate 95 time repetition of the same piece of wood.

The detail however of the bar is that the pieces of wood rotate 360 degrees along the facades of the bar. This is where the visual interplay happens: the narrow sides of the piece which are painted in a light blue color, disappear when the piece rotates at a 90 degree angle. The same happens at a 270 degree angle. The result is a minimal, yet impressive installation located at the Theater's foyer.

The project has recenlty won the German Design Award Winner 2018 for the category Excellent Comminucations Design - Retail Architecture.

Jury statement: "The adroit deployment of wooden slats, combined with coloured edges, creates an intriguing optical effect that makes this bar highly distinctive".

Designed with:
Marina Sofroniou and Marios Charalambous.

Year: 2014.

Photo credits: Pashalis Panteli.

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