The Souvenir Project

In September 2013, the Draw Collective pitched the idea of the Souvenir Project to the Nicosia Municipality as part of a Pop-Up Shops project they were just getting off the ground. Souvenir products had been neglected for ages and lacked a modern design approach and perspective, especially in Cyprus.

Our proposal called for a new range of souvenir products as an alternative to the traditional kitsch available to locals and tourists. All products were essentially based on and embodied our country’s culture, people, lanquage customs and beliefs. Furthermore, we tried to engage people through the design language of each product an emotional and narrative bond.

Being a side project with no funding to create a steady stream of products, the project was sidelined and eventually died three years later. However the project gained an hounarable mention as a National Finalist in 2014 after entering the CyEC (Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition).

In its active three years, the Draw Collective managed to open six different pop-up shops in various cities and villages stocked with our locally produced and original products, organize workshops and talks about the Cypriot souvenir, and promote dozens of Cypriot designers and artists.

Project Branding: Omiros Panayides.

Photo Credits: Draw Collective and Silvio Rusmigo.

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