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We design products with love and care. In fact, we believe that designing products well is just as much a craft as it is actually making the products. It’s a slow process. This perception of design is widely overlooked, resulting in all too many products that are either over-designed or under-designed. It takes time, knowledge and a certain state of mind to create something meaningful and lasting. So much more is involved than making a quick sketch before handing it over to someone to execute it. It is neither an unforeseen result of a chosen idea or an invented process. It requires a state of mind that is both very open and very focused at the same time.

And yes, beauty – or aesthetics if you will – is part of that. We believe it is an important aspect. But executing an aesthetic value upon something makes no sense and neither is ignoring or despising the whole idea of beauty like some do. Beauty comes naturally. It shines through from within. It is an integral part of the design process. Each small step in this process requires two basic questions to be asked: how does it work? and how does it look?

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